Leed Research
B2B Lead Generation — Leads That Generate Results

Leads That Generate Relationships and Revenue

Leed Research specializes in professional lead generation, lead qualification, appointment scheduling, marketing research, and assistance with interviewing inside sales candidates for B2B corporations nationwide. A special focus is placed on assisting entrepreneurial companies increase their growth, visibility, and revenue. Since 1990, Lee Dill has utilized her sales and marketing experience to reach key decision makers--building relationships and achieving lucrative results for the companies she represents.

Your Business Partner


During these challenging economic times, companies are changing their strategy on how they do business. They are searching for creative, alternative solutions to keep ahead of their competition, yet there are limits to what they can afford.

Your company's growth depends on selling your products and services. Leed Research helps to establish relationships with your prospects and customers, thereby providing you with the qualified leads and appointments you need to meet and exceed your goals. 

Together, we achieve success.


An Extension of Your Sales Efforts


Contact Lee for a free strategy consultation on customizing a professional program to lead your company to better results.


Leed Research is an extension of your sales efforts, qualifying leads and capturing  valuable information about your prospective customers: 

  • Who spearheads the decisions?
  • What technologies and products are in place?
  • What are the challenges?
  • What improvements and solutions are needed? 

Lee Dill has been very successful in using certain creative approaches to reach the targeted decision makers. She strives to establish a relationship with the prospects on behalf of the clients she represents—resulting in either a scheduled phone appointment, or in cultivating and nurturing a lead for the future.