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By: Lee | November 17, 2015

Whether you have a new start-up, or you are a seasoned business professional, there is one important concept to keep in mind when choosing your lead generation approach...

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By: Lee | November 17, 2015

When you get a call or email from a company you’re doing business with where you are asked to take a brief survey or give feedback about your customer experience, have you ever wondered where the information goes? Has the thought occurred to you that your responses are not really getting read by someone who cares, but are instead winding up in the Bermuda Triangle? Are the calls often from a robotic voice mail, or is there a live person on the other end?

If you pondered any of these questions about your own experiences, then it’s time to put yourself in your customers’ shoes, focus on how you’re communicating with them, and what you need to do in order to assure them that their in-put is a vital part of making their experience the best it ca...

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By: Lee | September 04, 2015

There is no doubt about it. Contacting your prospective and current customers by telephone is essential for managing and strengthening your business relationships. This is achieved more effectively than any other marketing medium, and maximizes your opportunities for visibility, growth, and increased revenue. What may start out as a “cold call” can turn into a very warm and rewarding partnership—resulting in successful and profitable outcomes.

Experience Matters: Most sales representatives do not have enough time on their daily agendas to keep up with the volume of calls necessary to reach their goals. If this is the case in your organization, then you may want to consider contracting with someone. When looking for the right individual to ...

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By: Lee | August 28, 2015

Do you take the time to research a prospective company before you pick up the phone?  Have you called a prospect and asked the individual what he or she is really looking for in a particular product or service before making the pitch? Do you know what your prospects’ biggest concerns are? What would it take to make them satisfied customers?

As we all know, most people involved with sales are too busy to conduct research, or make continuous calls to establish relationships because they are working on so many other projects. The problem is what are you risking by not doing these things?


These tips are based on my 15 years of directly helping businesses and entrepreneurs improve prospect relationships. I believe they will help you too.

 1. ...