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What Clients are Saying About Leed Research

“As a consulting firm that services hospitals nationwide, we have long seen “name recognition” as a key to our continued success. With hundreds of competitors, we needed a way to add a voice to our print and e-mail campaigns – someone to break through the gatekeepers. Lee found us and was politely persistent – and something about her manner and personality got me to listen.  We have been using her for many months, and the positive impact she has had on our ability to reach potential customers, is still growing.  She continually amazes us with her sleuthing abilities, and she always manages to get more information from the client than we had hoped.  Lee will be instrumental to us in our continued growth.”         

Bill Arnold, President
"I hired Lee in 1990 as the Marketing Manager for a leading provider of mobile MRI Services in the US, with a
sales volume of $125 MM.  She developed and implemented the Lead Generation Program, which was very successful. Lee knows how to reach the decision makers, and she digs deep for information about an organization’s technology and equipment needs, purchasing plans, and budget situation. Her company, Leed Research, provides high quality leads and scheduled appointments for the sales team, which definitely makes their job more effective so they can concentrate on closing the sale. Lee is a solid individual, self motivated, creative, tenacious, and highly focused. If you are looking to increase revenue and enhance your company’s sales efforts, Lee Dill’s services will be a strong addition to your organization."

Robert E Reilly, President
Reilly & Associates

“When we embarked on building an internal inside sales organization, we wanted to jump start it with some experienced help. That is what Lee provided in addition to her own prospecting activities. Lee could be depended upon to represent herself and the company with the utmost professionalism. Always on her own game, she was a real asset to the new internal inside sales representatives we brought on as well.”

Mac McMillan, CEO 


Lee Dill brought much needed organization to our sales lead follow-up procedure. She established a thorough and well-documented procedure for how we organize our sales process from initial contact through contract award. Her professionalism and friendly approach were critical in assisting us in growing our business.”

Dan Bradbury, Founder/CEO

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