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By: Lee | November 17, 2015

When you get a call or email from a company you’re doing business with where you are asked to take a brief survey or give feedback about your customer experience, have you ever wondered where the information goes? Has the thought occurred to you that your responses are not really getting read by someone who cares, but are instead winding up in the Bermuda Triangle? Are the calls often from a robotic voice mail, or is there a live person on the other end?

If you pondered any of these questions about your own experiences, then it’s time to put yourself in your customers’ shoes, focus on how you’re communicating with them, and what you need to do in order to assure them that their in-put is a vital part of making their experience the best it can be. 

Here are some recommendations for increasing customer loyalty:

Keep Your Clients Happy:

Many of us are guilty. Let’s admit it. We’re so focused on finding ways to attract new prospects and gain more business that we often don’t spend enough time ensuring that our current clients are truly happy.

When was the last time you called each one of your clients and asked them…How is it going? Are there any problems that you are experiencing? Is there anything I can do to help? Just by checking in every once in a while, and on a regular basis, can mean a great deal to your customers. It shows that you really do stand by your promises and that you care about their needs and concerns even after they purchased your product or enlisted your services.

Strengthen Your Relationships:

Don’t just send emails and make contact when you have a new product, upgrade, or service that you want your customers to know about. Keep in touch with them frequently and let them know that they can rely on you if they have any questions, or just need to have something clarified. Stress to them that their concerns are your concerns, and that your company is committed to resolving any issues that come up. This is all part of building relationships.

Keep in mind that when your customers’ contractual agreements are up for renewal, you want to increase your chances of being the company they rely on for the products and services you provide. 

Educate, Communicate, and Update Your Customers:

Are there any specifics of using your products and services that need additional clarification? Are some of your customers confused about certain aspects of what you provide to them? Have they been given all of the tools and information they need to better utilize your products? These are just a few examples of questions that may arise when customers need additional instruction or communication to maximize their experience with your company. Make sure they have the latest version of training materials, or any documents that incorporate changes or updates to the solutions they are using. Either you or someone in your organization needs to maintain communication with your customers to alert them about any information they need to know about. You can use blogs on your web site or email updates to help educate them as necessary. If you have any special offers or upgrades, make sure they know about them. Always follow up with a phone call to make sure your customers have received this information, and if they have any questions.

Evaluate and Respond to Customer Feedback:

Don’t just send out customer satisfaction surveys and then put them in a pile to be reviewed at a later time. Remember the Bermuda Triangle? Conduct these surveys regularly, but make a conscious effort to read each one as soon as possible, and then respond to the customer with a phone call to discuss their comments or problems. This shows that you are staying on top of the issues that are important to them, and that you are not too busy to resolve the problem. Make sure to ask for Testimonials so you can use them in your marketing efforts.

Reach Out and Talk to Your Customers:

Depending on where your customers are located, it is not always cost productive to visit them in person, unless you have representatives in those areas. If, however, you have any local customers within a certain radius, call and invite them to lunch periodically, and tell them to bring their other key team members along. Getting feedback and various perspectives from those involved with using your products or services will not only help you better understand your customers’ concerns, but it will let them know that you are committed to making the necessary improvements in order to keep them as happy customers.

For those clients that are at a distance, sending emails to conduct customer surveys is fine, but if you really want to make an impression, pick up the phone and talk with them on a regular basis. Schedule conference calls with anyone in their organization that is directly involved with using your products and services.

Listen Closely to Your Customers:

By extending yourself and really listening to what your clients have to say, helps to identify what areas of your products or services need improving, reduces negative word of mouth, ensures customer loyalty and retention, and ultimately increases your visibility, growth and revenue.

Show Your Appreciation:

Thank your customers for doing business with you. You can do this when you are making one of your regular phone calls, or better yet, send them a personalized note on a fine piece of stationary. We all get wrapped up with electronic communications that we forget how nice it is to receive a hand-written card or letter. Let them know you value their loyalty and their in-put. Extend yourself to help them in any way you can. All of these things help to strengthen your relationships with your customers.

Oh, and one last suggestion. Get rid of the robots. If you don’t like getting calls from pre-programmed voice mails, chances are your customers don’t either.

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Lee Dill is an Entrepreneur and Independent Contractor with over 15 years of marketing and sales experience helping businesses, including start-up companies, increase growth, visibility, and revenue within the healthcare and technology sector. Focus is placed on establishing and strengthening prospect and customer relationships, generating and qualifying leads, and scheduling appointments with key decision makers. If you would like a free strategy consultation, with no strings attached, Lee can be reached at [email protected] or call (505) 369-2235.

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